PE and Performance

Mission Statement

To stimulate interest in physical activity, sport and dance in order to motivate learners to relish any opportunity for participation and develop an independence and drive to their approach. To be aware of all levels of participation and ensure that each one is challenged in an appropriate way, be that the reinforcement of basic skills, the development of advanced skills, competitive performance or healthy lifestyle influence.

PE and Dance

Our Programme of Study within core lessons encompasses a broad range of activities, whilst still allowing sufficient depth to allow the achievement of our mission statement.

Courses Information:

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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular opportunities are, and have always been, high priority.  There are many opportunities for sporting participation and progression to sporting performance through competitive and successful involvement in Sutton Schools Hockey, Birmingham Schools Netball, English Schools Athletics and Saturday morning Rugby fixtures across the Midlands to name but a few. In addition, a quality Dance evening as well as Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Beyond core participation, there is opportunity for exam study in GCSE Physical Education and GCSE Dance, where deep theoretical content is paired with practical performance in multiple sporting activities. These option subjects then provide the ideal pathway for KS5 progression in the Sixth Form.


In Art, our aim is to develop resilient and creative learners, who understand that creativity is a process and a journey.

Our curriculum will introduce them to a wide range of processes and skills using different materials, so they become independent and reflective learners with a yearning for exploration through Art and Design.

Year 7 – 13 Course information for Art


Drama at Fairfax aims to develop innovative and ambitious young people to be the creative leaders of tomorrow.

We provide an active, creative and imaginative learning environment which fosters rich, meaningful work and contributes to a lasting wider community.

Through developing a love for Performing Arts within acting and design and technical areas, we promote confidence levels beyond pupils’ beliefs and nurture transferable skills that apply to all walks of life.

Year 7 to 13 Course Information for Drama


Our music department aims to ensure that every student, will relish their music lessons and extra-curricular opportunities whilst broadening their cultural awareness. Our music lessons are characterised by both practical and social music making.

Year 7 – 11 Course information for Music

Year 12 – 13 Course information for Music

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