Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Our Academy

About Fairfax School

Fairfax is a unique academy with an ethos based on tradition and expectation

A community of 1600 people, we believe that high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

Fairfax was founded in 1959 with the aim of all comprehensive students having the opportunity to participate in a broad range of activities. The House System established with the school, is still at the heart of the Academy and the opportunities that students have to develop make us an excellent place to grow into adulthood.

Fairfax enjoys excellent examination results at both Post 16 and GCSE with an above average Progress 8 Rating for 2017-2018.

Staff at Fairfax believe that our students should leave school proud of the young person they have become; we are Fairfax and we are proud.