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Students in the sixth form take up a range of opportunities to support, extend and enrich their academic studies. Personal Development rated 'Outstanding', Ofsted 2024
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Personal Development for Sixth Form is Outstanding Ofsted 2024

At Fairfax Sixth Form, we strive to meet our Academy motto:” Sinceritas Laboris: there is dignity in hard work”, in every aspect of Academy life and in the life beyond.  

Fairfax is a friendly learning community set in well maintained, extensive grounds on the edge of Sutton Coldfield. We actively encourage our students to fulfil their potential both academically and socially to maximize their opportunities in their adult lives.

All our students have access to a broad Level 3 curriculum, which is delivered by experienced specialist teaching staff and is part of our Personal Learning and Development Programme. The curriculum at Fairfax is designed to provide opportunities for all students and equip them for the next stages of their career, education or training.

 Fairfax prides itself on its fantastic House system which was established upon its opening in 1959. This house system is at the heart of the Academy and the traditional values provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, loyalty, responsibility as well as healthy competition in many aspects of Fairfax life.

All students are offered the opportunity to take part in many different sporting and extra-curricular activities which also helps to promote House spirit amongst the Fairfax community

The Sixth Form is governed by the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust and details may be found here:

Fairfax Sixth Form

At Fairfax Sixth Form, we strive to meet our Academy motto:” Sinceritas Laboris: there is dignity in hard work”, in every aspect of Academy life and in the life beyond.   We aim to challenge and support our students, in equal measure, to achieve the very best academic success and to ensure they take advantage of all the Academy has to offer in preparation for their future successes.  Details of our programme of study can be found at this link: 

Fairfax Academy 16-19 Programme of Study for 2024-2025



For information on results and destinations for Key Stage 5, please visit:

Examination performance and school performance-tables

For information on results and destinations for Key Stage 5, please visit:

Examination performance and school performance-tables

Personal Learning and Development Programme

At the heart of our offer for post 16 education is our Personal Learning and Development Programme.  Full details of this offer can be found here along with our careers support: Sixth Form Careers and Personal Development – Fairfax Academy

Within the programme we offer a wide range of Level 3 subjects delivered by specialist teachers that should attract students who want to achieve their academic potential in a modern and supportive learning environment. In addition, from September 2024, all sixth form students will receive a weekly Personal Development lesson as part of their offer. 

The Prefect system, House system, Learning Mentor Scheme as well as the Student Council, offer all of our Sixth Form students the opportunity to develop their character and self-confidence by helping others and allows them to be seen as role models by younger students.

Our Sixth Form students wear their uniform with pride and the different badges and bands reveal their journey through their school life which continues into the Sixth Form.  Details of our uniform can be found here

New students are allocated to one of our four houses, Coventry, Kenilworth, Stratford and Warwick and the colour of the school tie reflects their allegiance to their house.

All year 12 students undertake an induction programme on their first day with us.   

Success at A Level and BTEC National depends on your habits, routines, attitudes and approaches to study. It is your behaviours, not your intelligence, that determine your results. We encourage students to use the acronym, VESPA (which stands for Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude) which is a mind-set that will help improve your success. Students who are successful:

Know what they want to achieve (VISION)
Complete many hours of independent study (EFFORT)
Organise their learning resources and their time (SYSTEMS)
Practice and develop their skills (PRACTICE)
Respond constructively to challenge (ATTITUDE)

Fairfax Sixth Form Centre provides students with excellent facilities for personal study both during private study sessions and before/after school. We have a study room which is fully equipped with modern computers  where students can use their private study to catch up on homework, review their learning and do some revision. The study rooms are run by our two supervisors who are available to the students throughout the day. 

The Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head of Sixth Form are available to assist students and meet with students to discuss academic performance, revision strategies, independent learning skills as well as personal concerns. We also have a Learning  and Well-being Mentor who works with students, teachers, parents, carers and families to help overcome barriers to learning.

Support for students

Our students benefit from both academic and pastoral support during their studies. Our students have regular meetings with our Learning and Well-being Mentor where they discuss targets and strategies to help them achieve their target grades. Students and parents are informed of progress regularly throughout the year with intervention and support put into place wherever it is needed. Students also benefit from specific ‘study skills’ days during which you will receive guidance and coaching on how to become an effective learner, prepare for examinations and achieve the very highest grades.

The overwhelming majority of our students decide to continue their education at University. In 2019 we have students attending many Russell Group Universities including Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Nottingham and Manchester. We also place students on prestigious school leaver schemes including Marks and Spencer, KPMG and Deloitte and Touche. We also secure placements for some of our students on extremely competitive Higher Level apprenticeships including Jaguar / Land Rover, Rolls Royce and British Aerospace. We provide many opportunities for students to research and experience all of the opportunities available to them.


If you have any questions regarding applications to our Sixth Form, please email Sixth Form Options

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