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The annual Eisteddfod celebrates creativity across the curriculum. This event is made up of a variety of events such as Art, Food, Photography, Creative Writing and Flower Arranging. The final events of Dance, Drama, Music and Spoken Word take place over two performance evenings, which is a Fairfax firm favourite!


We are disappointed not to be able to welcome parents to this year’s event, but are looking forward to seeing our students perform.

We will share details with parents/carers bout how they can view the gallery. Results will be shared in a whole school Teams assembly on Friday, 17 December 2021

And the winners are: 

Super-talented students at Fairfax school impressed the judges so much at the annual Eisteddfod that they declared the much-loved arts festival a draw.

Each year the school’s four houses of Coventry, Kenilworth, Stafford and Warwick compete in the week-long festival, which includes all kinds of artistic disciplines.

And in a nail-biting moment at the school on Friday (December 17), head of academy Deborah Bunn announced that judges had declared the contest a tie between Coventry and Kenilworth.

This year’s Eisteddfod was based around the of the Eighties – leading to an explosion of leg warmers, big hair and pop-tastic music among the entries.

All of the school’s students have been working hard over the past half term on their six individual entries; creative writing, 3D art, flower arranging, food, 2D art and photography.

And performers have shown dedication and resilience in their rehearsals for dance, play, choir, instrumental, vocal and spoken word.

Student leadership has been demonstrated through writing plays, arranging music, choregraphing dance routines and submerging themselves in all things 80s.

This year COVID restrictions meant audiences were unable to attend the live nights of the Eisteddfod, which are the biggest dates on Fairfax’s annual calendar.

But the school pulled out all the stops to broadcast the performances to parents and carers to ensure that no one missed the shows.

Head of Academy Deborah Bunn said: “Yet again we have been completely blown away by the sheer talent and the creativity of our students.

“What makes this even more impressive is the quality of the performances which have all been lead, choregraphed, written, directed, conducted and arranged by our amazing and resilient senior students.

“Despite the challenges of COVID, the students and staff have really gone for it this year, producing some really memorable moments and pieces of art.

“The fact that the judges ended up declaring a tie for first place just illustrates the amazing quality of the entries this year.”

The link to view the results can be found here

The Eisteddfod Programme Competition

Winning Entry: 


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