Proud to be an FMAT Academy


Fairfax ARKS

Fairfax ARKS are the behaviours we expect our students to display. All behaviours will be addressed under the four values/rules. Rewards and recognition will be awarded under the four values/rules, and students will work towards their ARKS badges to wear proudly on their uniform.

What does ambition look like?

Being ambitious means:

  • Working hard in lessons and being resilient when faced
    with challenges
  • Participating in school life and contributing to your House
  • Having good attendance and being punctual
  • Wearing your uniform with pride and representing Fairfax
  • Planning for your future and aiming high

What does being respectful look like?

Being respectful means:

  • Demonstrating good manners to staff, students and
  • Looking after the school environment and keeping it tidy
  • Responding to staff requests, the first time you are asked
  • Speaking to people with courtesy and respect both in
    school and the community
  • Being considerate of others’ personal space

What does kindness look like?

Being kind means:

  • Accepting people for who they are, regardless of their
  • Thinking of others’ feelings and being considerate of others’
    points of view
  • Going above and beyond to help and support others, especially
    those in need
  • Thinking about the impact your words will have, before
  • Remembering that if you would not say it face to face, you
    should not say it online

What does safety look like?

Being safe means:

  • Behaving sensibly on school site and in the community
  • Following staff instructions, the first time you are asked
  • Thinking about the risks before doing something
  • Using technology sensibly and being safe online
  • Telling an adult if something is worrying you