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Fairfax Sixth Form

Financial Support

At Fairfax, we are committed to closing the attainment gap between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and those from more affluent backgrounds, and to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a place in 16-19 education and training.

16-19 Bursary Fund

The scheme is funded by the ESFA (Education & Skills Funding Agency) to provide assistance to students whose access to, or completion of, education is inhibited by financial constraints or barriers.

The bursary fund is intended to help students aged 16-19 years old with the essential costs of participating in their study programme, so to help with the cost of essential books or equipment or with the cost of travelling to school or college, for example. The bursary fund is not intended to support costs not related to education (living costs), extra-curricular activities or provide learning support – services that institutions give to students – such as counselling, mentoring or extra tutoring. 

The scheme is made up of two parts:

  • Vulnerable Bursary (Level 1) – a payment of £1,200 to a small group of the most vulnerable students
  • Discretionary Bursary (Levels 2-4) – for schools, colleges and training providers to distribute at their discretion. The discretionary fund is allocated to eligible students and is dependent on the amount of funding and number of applications received in the academic year.

The current policy, with details of the scheme, can be found here: 16-19 Bursary Policy 2023-2024

Before applying, please ensure you have read the Bursary policy which details information regarding how we award the bursary and documents that are required as proof, as well as criteria for receipt of funds. 
The Bursary application is only available at the start of each academic year and is awarded termly to successful applicants who meet the criteria specified in the policy. 

To Apply

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The application process will be via a written application form which can be downloaded here: Bursary Fund Application 2023-2024

A copy will be sent out to all parents and carers at the launch of the fund, and copies are available in the Sixth Form Centre for students to collect.

Original qualifying documents are to be submitted with the application.

The deadline for applications is Friday 13th October 2023

Please note that applications received after this date will always be considered, but payments cannot always be backdated. Each application will be reviewed by the Bursary Fund Application Panel and successful applicants notified after the deadline date.

If successful, students awarded the bursary will be able to purchase from the school, goods and services to support their education by meeting with their supervisor to complete purchase orders.  No funds can be given to students directly.  Students who wish to use their funds for travel passes, must see their supervisor. 

Student Finance for University

For information regarding student finance for university, the following links will be useful: