Academy Life

Summary of Pastoral Support

At Fairfax, the wellbeing of each student is a primary focus and our vision is to enable all students to maximise their potential both academically and socially.  To this end, students experience and benefit from a Year Group system and a House System.

Year System

The exceptionally strong support and care of students through the Year system, is the foundation to the academic success of students at Fairfax and encourages healthy competition in the school’s merit system which rewards students for exceptional effort and achievement.

Throughout the year Heads of Year, and Assistant Heads of Year, monitor progress, standards and behaviour. At regular times in the year they award points for outstanding progress. Exceptional student progress is recognised at the annual Awards Evening.

There are also peer mentors from all year groups who work closely with students to support and guide them, as well as a team of Learning Mentors, Attendance Officers and Administrators to ensure the school day runs smoothly.

Year System – Student Learning and Support

Mrs S MulhernAssistant Headteacher – Care Guidance and Support
Miss R ClarkeAssistant Headteacher – Standards for Learning
Head of Year Assistant Head of Year
Mrs S RoseHead of Year 7 Mr R Rainbow – Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs J ColbourneHead of Year 8 Mr R Rainbow- Assistant Head of Year 8
Miss M DowellHead of Year 9 Mr G Clarke – Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr C RavenscroftHead of Year 10 Mr G Clarke – Assistant Head of Year 10
Ms S AhmedHead of Year 11 Mrs C Barker – Assistant Head of Year 11
Ms W GrayHead of Year 12/13 Miss J Gardner – Assistant Head of Year 12/13

 Learning Mentors

Mrs F Clark (Sixth Form)


Pastoral Administrators

Mrs C Batey (KS3)
Mrs K McGuire and Mrs A Meakin  (Sixth Form)


Miss J O’Connor – Attendance Officer


House System

The House system generates a sense of identity which helps students to develop leadership skills, loyalty, responsibility and healthy competition.

On admission, students are allocated to one of the four Houses:

Each is led by a Head of House, who together with their Assistant Head of House and Tutors, monitor, track and evaluate the whole-school involvement and participation of their students in the following areas:

Sports Competition – Students in each year group are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sports, with House competitions taking place each week. Points for these competitions culminate in the House Swimming Gala and Athletics Day. These all contribute towards the House Sports Trophy.

The Arts – The Annual Eisteddfod celebrates creativity across the curriculum. The Eisteddfod is made up of a variety of events such as Art, Photography, Creative Writing and Baking. The final events of Dance, Drama, Music and Spoken Word take place over two performance evenings, which is a fantastic highlight of the Fairfax Calendar!

Exceptional student participation is recognised at the annual Awards Evening.

House System – Student Participation
Mrs H WilliamsAssistant Headteacher