Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Fairfax Sixth Form

Enrichment and Careers Programme

During the school year, we support our students in making their post-18 choices. 

Whether they plan to study at university, gain an apprenticeship in their chosen field , or take a gap year, we provide a range of activities and invite external speakers to work with students to allow them to make informed choices.

An example of our programme is below.

Sixth Form Careers and Enrichment Programme

Please see the school’s Careers Programme Information for more guidance on Post 18 opportunities.

Personal Learning and Development Programme

In addition to the three chosen subjects, Fairfax students will also undertake the Personal Learning and Development Programme throughout their two-year course which combines the careers programme along with enrichment opportunities.

We want students to leave Fairfax with the skills, virtues and experiences that will help to give them the confidence and ability to pursue their goals. We deliver this character education through our ARKS (Ambition, Kindness, Respect and Safety) value, alongside a wealth of opportunities that gives ‘something for everyone’.

We also wish to prepare them with the experiences that employers and higher education institutions seek. We believe that active participation in all that the school has to offer will allow each student to achieve this.

Year 12 are currently following the Personal Learning and Development Programme that will follow them into Year 13. 

Details can be found here: Personal Learning and Development Programme 2022-2024