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Travel Assist

Solihull and Birmingham council may be able to offer your child free school travel assistance to get to school.  This will normally be a bus pass or an equivalent amount of money.

 Do I qualify?

To apply for free school travel assistance your child must:

  • Live in Birmingham/Solihull
  • Be between 5 and 16 years old (unless they have learning difficulties or disabilities)
  • Attend one of the following:
    • State school (school maintained by the Council)
    • Pupil referral unit
    • Non-maintained special school
    • Free school
    • Academy
  • Have to walk further than the distance qualifying distance (3 miles) when considering their shortest possible walking route:
  • be unable to walk the ‘statutory walking distance’ to his or her ‘qualifying school’ because of their special educational need or disability, subject to assessment.

How to apply

You must apply to the council to which you pay your council tax.  Please click on the Solihull or Birmingham links below:

For more information please contact Miss Palmer on 0121 788 4100.

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