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Example courses include:

Year 11 into Year 12 Bridging Tasks

To help you make the best possible start to A Level studies, your teachers have put together some possible tasks you can be doing in preparation for starting Year 12. If you are planning on doing A Level at Fairfax we would strongly recommend that you do this work in preparation. The suggested activities are below. If you have any queries please message your teacher through Show My Homework or email [email protected]

Suggested Activities in Preparation For Year 12

This document contains a range of possible tasks which students could complete in preparation for their A Level and BTEC studies. Subject specific resources will be uploaded over the coming weeks. Please note that Fairfax reserves the right to withdraw courses that are not viable. All courses require a minimum number of students to qualify as a viable programme of study.

Year 11 into Year 12 Bridging Tasks


Subject Specific Resources

  • English Literature A Level

    English Literature Specification

    Reading List

    Write like a literary scholar

    A Level English Literature – Unseen Prose Booklet



    Students should access the A/AS Level English Literature A for AQA Student Book and the A/AS Level English Language for AQA Student Book as follows:-


    Please Note- All English books have been clubbed together onto one book shelf so you will see A Level, GCSE and Literature.


    1-     Please use the link here to log in and register,

    2-     Use the school name, school postcode and school email address. If you have registered recently for a 30 day trial you will have to use another email address, a personal one or other as you cannot have 2 trials running at the same time on one email.

    3-     Once registered you will be sent a link, with your username and password to the email address used.

    4-     Please log in.

    5-     You will be presented with a bookshelf, please be sure to click onto the correct book.

    6-     Use the home tab top right hand corner to go back to your book shelf. Use the question mark for “how to use”