Sixth Form Life

Sixth form life is very different to that of lower school years. Sixth formers are allowed more responsibility and freedom. We are trusted to be mature and to set an example to younger students. As well as lessons, a sixth former may sometimes have ‘free periods’. Our recently refurbished sixth form centre provides us with the facilities we need to work, relax and refuel.

Artwork in the sixth form common room, created by a sixth former!

“We encourage our students to find the correct balance between work and socialising. Our students often have free time during the day, and unless we feel it appropriate to intervene, we allow our students to choose how they use it effectively”
The 6th Form Study Centre provides students with excellent facilities for personal study both during non-timetabled lessons and before/after school. We have a study room which is fully equipped with modern computers, where students can use their free time to catch up on homework review their learning and do some revision. We also have a large common room, with sofas, desks and even a table tennis area! It proves a popular destination for students who wish to unwind and relax. If you are feeling a bit peckish, then you can always pop to the sixth form cafe to refuel- a large variety of food is available including sandwiches, paninis, pizza, jacket potatoes, cakes, fruit and hot drinks.

The study room

In the sixth form building, you will also find the office of Mr Cornell – the Director of 6th Form and Achievement Director of 6th Form. They are always available to assist students, and make regular appointments to see students, to discuss issues such as academic performance, revision strategies, independent learning skills and personal issues.

Our 6th Form learning mentor works with students, teachers, parents, carers and families to help overcome barriers to learning. In addition to this, every student is attached to a personal tutor. The tutor is the first point of contact if a student wishes to discuss any aspect of his/her studies. Students see their tutors at least once a day and have regular meetings with him/her to evaluate their progress.