Fairfax Policies

All policies are avaliable on request from: policies@fairfax.bham.sch.uk

Name Date File Size  
Accessibility Plan 11th June 201385 KB  Download
Admissions Criteria September 2012 26th November 2012353 KB  Download
Anti Bullying Policy 14th December 2012398 KB  Download
Appraising Staff Performance Policy 13 December 2012 26th November 2012417 KB  Download
Attendance Policy 11th September 2012303 KB  Download
Behaviour & Discipline Policy (Student) 18 October 2012 26th November 2012465 KB  Download
Charging & Remissions Policy 27 April 2011 26th November 2012390 KB  Download
Child Protection Policy 11th September 2012388 KB  Download
Complaints Procedure 11th September 2012501 KB  Download
Data Protection Policy 11th September 2012112 KB  Download
Drugs Education Prevention Policy 11th September 2012333 KB  Download
Exclusion Policy 11th September 2012219 KB  Download
Freedom of Information 7 July 2011 26th November 2012470 KB  Download
Gifted and Talented Policy 11th September 2012298 KB  Download
Health and Safety Policy Oct 2013 - Complete 14th October 20135 MB  Download
IT Acceptable Use Policy 18th March 20131 MB  Download
Pupil Premium Statement 13th December 201258 KB  Download
Sex Relationships Policy March 2011 26th November 2012434 KB  Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 21 March 2012 26th November 2012532 KB  Download
Whistle Blowing Code 29th November 2012347 KB  Download