Support Services

“The school is well led and managed at all levels, there is an accurate awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and any areas of underperformance are successfully tackled.” - Ofsted 2008

As an Academy, great emphasis is placed on continuous professional development and the support for new colleagues is first class, with a well established and supportive induction programme and performance management structure. All in-house training days focus on professional development, consultation issues and the development plan.

Fairfax has a noticeable presence of 90+ support staff to accommodate workforce reform and improve the learning experience for all students. Staff show great commitment to the school and give generously of their time and skills. Teaching and support staff meet regularly for communication, consultation and training. In the past year we have responded to several requests to reward this commitment – a staff workroom, rearranged times for parents evenings and inset sessions, new communication systems and faculty administrators.

My role as Director of Support Services entails the coordination of the Finance, Personnel, Facilities (grounds, in-house catering and cleaning), ICT and Admin teams on a daily basis.

Paul Charlton
Director of Support Services