Special Educational Needs

We, at Fairfax, are very proud of the academic and extracurricular achievements of our SEND students.  All our SEND students are completely integrated and included in all aspects of school life - ranging from rugby to the Science lab, the mountains of Wales for D of E to the Theatre in London.  All of our students are encouraged to develop the skills they require to play an integral role in society, and to become valuable and responsible contributors to it.

Fairfax has specialist provision for students who have statements of SEND where physical disability is the primary need. We are a fully accessible school for children with a range of physical disability and are part of Birmingham`s Continuum of provision. To attend this base the Local Authority in association with Fairfax places students who require a mainstream environment but cannot attend their local mainstream school.

 We have highly trained teaching assistants who support the learning of our SEND students both within classrooms and in small groups. The whole team works closely with our parents, staff and students to ensure that all students achieve to their full potential. Fairfax also has staff with dyslexia qualifications to provide advice and appropriate support. The school offers quality first teaching and a range of interventions according to a student’s SEND needs.


Who’s Who in SEND?

Staff Member


Mrs H Williams

Assistant Headteacher/AST

Mrs K Corbett


Mrs D Stringer

Acting Assistant SENCO

Mrs J O’ Donnell