The Library is...

for everyone

for relaxed reading and quiet study

a place to research

a place to discuss books and reading

The library aims to be a vibrant and welcoming space which supports students to learn through the provision of quality information resources and services. The Library has a strong focus on reading for pleasure and encourages students to become independent learners through developing information literacy skills.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday              8.15am – 3.55pm

Students can visit the library before school, during break, lunchtime and after school. 

Lunchtime Rota

Monday          6th form/Year 11

Tuesday         Year 10

Wednesday    Year 9

Thursday        Year 8

Friday             Year 7

During lunchtimes, each year group has an allocated day to access the library.

Any students needing to use the library on a day other than their allocated day must ask the librarian for a pass in advance.

Library code of conduct


  • Put mobile phones away
  • Keep all food and drink away
  • Keep the library looking smart
  • Return all library books on time
  • Consider other library users and their property
  • Ask if you need help
  • Use the library computers for research or school work only.
  • Talk quietly so as not to disturb others