Application Letter

When the employer receives a letter of application they must decide if they are to short list the applicant. You need to know how important this letter is. Will your letter give you a chance? Below is a list of things that should be included in a letter of application. This exercise will help you write a letter, remember it well, as you may have to write a number of such letters in the future!

Your letter should include

  • Your address in full
  • Date
  • Name and address of the person/company you are writing to
  • Greeting (if you don't know the person's name use Dear Sir / Madam)
  • The work experience job applied for
  • Dates of the work experience
  • School attending
  • Subjects studying
  • Experience and interests
  • Personal qualities
  • Why should you be considered?
  • A formal closing, if Sir / Madam then close with "Yours faithfully", if writing to a named person then it should be "Yours sincerely"
  • Your signature

Points to consider

  • Your letter should be polite, clear and to the point
  • Use good quality paper and write in ink or type it
  • Your letter should be clean and neat
  • All words should be spelt correctly
  • Write out your letter in rough first
  • Keep a copy of the letter so that you can remember what you wrote